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Hotmail.de account Login- Create new Www.hotmail.de account

Www.Hotmail.de: I guess you have been aware of Hotmail.de web service, the largest email with amazing features available on the web, Android, iOS and PC devices. Out of many email services, I would like to enclose the sufficient information about Hotmail.de due to its craze from the existing users. Though we have exciting apps available for the Android and iOS market, now the trend has gone back to Hotmail.de. This article is specially dedicated to those people who are looking for information with regards to Hotmail.de.

What is Hotmail.de?

Hotmail.de is one of the first webmail services that are available on the web browser to all the people around the Globe. It was acquired by Microsoft after one year of its creation in 1997, for nearly $400 million which it later changed to Windows Live Hotmail. This was made available in 36 different languages in order to remove language barrier. Hotmail has gained 8.5 million subscribers by December of 1997 due to its outstanding features. Initially, it was provided 2 MB of space to save emails or messages. Later the storage space got upgraded to 25GB to help its users in saving the required data. As Hotmail.de is a webmail service, users can access it from any web browser all over the world when they have an active internet connection and login credentials.

Hotmail.de: Features of hotmail.de Account

Hotmaail.de was first introduced on July 31, 2012, after a long gap of the introduction of Hotmail service. The existing Hotmail customers could easily change to Hotmail.de. Its preview stage was on 18 February 2013, an upgraded version was out on 3rd April of 2013. By May 2013 Hotmail.de gained a nearly 400 million active users. On  August 8, 2017, Microsoft launched beta which included a faster inbox, a responsive and to search for emojis.


Hotmail.de promised to respect privacy policies which target the Gmail’s privacy practices. The main point is it doesn’t scan emails or attachments for advertising information.Outlook uses single-use code rather than a user’s password when signing into Microsoft account. The code can be used once, but one can be requested if needed. While using Hotmail.de on a public computer using a single-use code helps information to be secure which is sent when requested.

Gmail vs Hotmail.de Account :

The two biggest email providers are Microsoft and Google. Google provided more storage than Microsoft. But Hotmail.de is cleaner when compared with Gmail, which helped users to concentrate on emails rather than getting distracted. To be precise Hotmail.de got inspired by the look of Gmail and made some modifications which took it to the next level.

Storage and attachments:

Gmail offers 15 GB storage for free but for more storage, we need to buy. If you have an Office 365 subscription you have 1 TB of storage to cover all Microsoft products. Gmail also limits the size of attachments to 25 MB in space whereas Hotamail.de attachment limit is 10MB.

Spam, filters, and email management:

In Gmail spam filtering works effectively. It is where rare to receive spam emails, it’s almost once or twice in a year. It is also good for filtering out unwanted emails even though they are not spamming emails. Hotmail.de has less sophisticated spam filtering yet some features put it ahead of Gmail. The sweep can get rid of all emails from ten days from a sender and blocks future emails from the sender.


The main thing that differentiates Gmail from its competitors is it has labels in place of folders. This helped messages to be tagged with multiple labels instead of being kept in a specific folder. The essential thing is most people have this misconception that Google has only labels and no folders which aren’t true, depending on labels those messages are stored in specific folders if it is applied with more than one label that email message will appear in multiple folders. Hotmail.de follows the traditional folder structure which has categories rather than labels. You have the feasibility to apply more than one category but that does not move the message into that folder. It also automatically tags messages with categories such as Newsletter, Document etc which are called as Quick view folders.

Search is the main reason for Gmail’s existence. They had the idea of searching emails in an email service which could be searched as easily as done on the internet. By simply typing search terms in the search bar present at the top of the webpage which gives what you are looking for. The users also have the opportunity of more advanced methods such as typing shortcuts “from:” or “to:”.

Hotmail.de also has a similar search facility with advanced methods to find the right information quickly. Quick View folders enable users to search through emails such as last few emails which contained photos for example. The search is good but not as great as Gmail.


Gmail, as everyone knows, integrates with Google Docs. It is pretty obvious that for example, the user has the ability to open attachments in Google Applications and save it to the drive without leaving the Google ecosystem.Google also has the ability to integrate with third-party applications such as CRM apps.

Hotmail.de is a bit late to the extensions party, everyone expects from Microsoft, integrates completely with Office 365 apps and OneDrive. It was also announced that it would create third party apps for that platform by spring developers. This means that  Hotmail.de provides easy access to Word Excel, Power-point, and Onenote as well as Sway which helps users to create multimedia services.

Download and Use Hotmail.de for free:

If you have ever used Hotmail.de on your device then you need to experience this service by downloading Hotmail.de on your device. Hotmail.de can be used as web service as it can be accessed directly on web browser too. If you are an Android or iOS or PC device user, you may wish to download it on your respective device. Hotmail.de is now compatible with all the devices so you can download it for free from the official website of Hotmail. Once you download Hotmail on your device, you can check out the emails, make new conversations, contact people all around the Globe, share images, videos, make video calls and much more. Even if you are a new user for Hotmail.de, you can check out this amazing service with ease because Hotmail.de is provided with a friendly user interface. Download and start using Hotmail.de for free with the help of links provided here.

Security issues

Between August 7, 2001, and August 31, 2001, hackers exploited millions of accounts by using simple techniques. Some computer hackers found that anyone could log into their Hotmail account and then drag the chats from others account by using the URL of the account holder username and message number etc. This resulted in the hackers to access the Hotmail account of others easily. Now those issues were swept away and it is successfully providing the best encryption to all the Hotmail.de users.


Finally comparing all aspects we can say that there is only a slight difference between Hotmail.de and Gmail. But those are not great features in Hotmail.de when compared with Gmail. Gmail yet remains to be on the top in the day-to-day working with email. However, Hotmail.de offers the best service to its users similar to that of Gmail in these days. Download Hotmail.de and share your experience in the comment box provided below.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently| Delete Hotmail Account

There can be many reasons to delete your Hotmail Account as if you are using another Hotmail account to send emails or else if you use another platform email service to send emails. As you couldn’t able to manage multiple email accounts, you tend to delete one of the accounts which are not required. So if you wish to proceed to delete one of the Hotmail Account then follow the complete tutorial.

hotmail login

Delete Hotmail Account

Here this article will explain you all about How to Delete or How to Close your Hotmail Account completely from the Hotmail Database. If you think that your Hotmail Account is no more useful then it is necessary to delete your account for the privacy issues or for security. Before you think about deleting your Hotmail Account, download all the necessary files, documents or any pictures you have from the Hotmail Account. As after you delete your Hotmail Account, you cannot retrieve the data you want so better to check before you delete your Hotmail Account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently

Deleting the Hotmail Account is not as easy as creating the Hotmail Account because you need to give a specific reason to delete your Hotmail Account. You need to accept the terms and conditions and you need to verify your Hotmail Account by giving information which you have given while Signing In. So be careful while you follow the steps to delete your Hotmail Account.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow and implement on your web browser to delete your Hotmail Account Permanently.

  • First of all, you need to visit the Hotmail Official Login Page.
  • After you visit, you can see the homepage to enter Username and Password to access your Hotmail Account.
  • Enter valid Username and Password to access your Hotmail Personal Account and then click on Sign In.
  • If you forgot your password, then click on Forgot My Password label which is below Sign In. Verify your account and then reset your Hotmail Account Password.
  • Now you can see your Hotmail Personal Account. Download all the data which you want and then proceed to delete.
  • So to delete your Hotmail Account, Click on the Hotmail Profile and then select View Account label.
  • You will redirect to a new page where you can see Your Personal Info, Privacy Settings, Security Settings, Payments & Billings options, Services & Subscriptions options and much more.
  • So as we want to delete your Hotmail Account, Click on Security.

  • In Security, you can see options to Change Password, Update Info, Review Activities which you have done on Hotmail Account.
  • Now, click on more security options. Scroll down till you get Close my Hotmail Account option.
  • Click on Close My Account and then you can see that you need to cancel all the Subscriptions, All your Skype Credit will be used, It will use up your Hotmail Account Balance, It will setup Automatic replies, and it will also disable reset protection.

  • So if you want to proceed then you can click on Next and then proceed further.
  • Check all the boxes and then enter the reason to delete your Hotmail Account and then click on Mark Account for Closure. If you want to cancel the account the process then click on Cancel option.
  • After you click Cancel then your Hotmail Account will be same as before and then try to delete your account later.

Hotmail has given an option to get back your Hotmail Personal Account if you wish to use it again. So get back your Hotmail Account, just you need to Sign In as before with your Username and Password within 60 days. As the 60 days is the trial period to delete your Hotmail Personal Account. Your data will not be removed from the Hotmail Database in these 60 days after you put your account for Closure.


Steps to Create a New Outlook.com Email Account | Outlook Sign Up

Outlook.com is the email service from the Microsoft which is used to send emails to any of the Microsoft User. Earlier Outlook used to be called as Hotmail.com and all the login credentials of Hotmail are used to login Outlook.com. Microsoft has added many features to Hotmail.com and updated the latest version of Outlook.com and released for Windows Operating System. Your Outlook.com account is used to access Email, Calendar, Tasks, and all the Outlook contacts anywhere if you are connected to the internet.

Creating a New Outlook.com Email Account 

So if you are new to Outlook.com and looking to create an Outlook.com Email Account then you can follow the complete article and they know the step by step guide to Hotmail sign up Email Account. But before getting into the topic, let us now the additional features of the Outlook.com

Features of Outlook.com

Outlook.com serves many features as it helps you to send emails to any person who has an email account for free. You can use all the features for free on Outlook.com Email Platform.

  • You need to use your Outlook.com Login Credentials to access the Outlook.com Home Page.
  • As you login, you can see the Outlook.com homepage and then you can see the special inbox for your Outlook.com account. As all the emails you receive from other Outlook.com users are stored here.
  • You can swipe the email to Archive and Delete the Messages.
  • Outlook.com helps you to schedule the emails to send to specific Outlook.com user.
  • You can pin the emails to your Inbox and you can use all the text formats to personalize your email.
  • Outlook.com provides Calendar, Travel & Flight plans, OneDrive, and all the Microsoft Office.
  • You can also attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.
  • Helps you to edit all the Office files in your Outlook.com homepage itself.

So these are the best features you can see on the Outlook.com Email Platform.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a New Outlook.com Email Account

So if you are ready to create an Outlook.com Email Account then you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.

  • First, visit Outlook.com homepage or else type Outlook.com or Hotmail.com in the search engine. You will be redirected to the same home page.
  • Now as you are a new user, click on Create Account.
  • Enter the required fields like First Name, Last Name, and all the personal information to create your Outlook.com email account.
  • Here you need to prefer your Outlook.com username as XXXX@outlook.com.
  • You need to prefer among Outlook.com or Hotmail.com.
  • Enter the password for your Outlook.com account and re-enter the password.
  • Enter Birthday, Phone Number, and Alternate Email Address which are used to secure your Outlook.com account.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA image and then click Create Account.

Now visit Outlook.com Login Page and then enter the Username and Password to access the Outlook.com Home Page.

Outlook Mobile App

Outlook Mobile Application is available for Android and iOS platforms as you can download the application from the official play store. Outlook Mobile App has many features to use on your mobile device and also has to share your emails easily.

Outlook Mobile App helps you to open your attached files without downloading on your Mobile Device.

Outlook Premium Version

Outlook.com also offers the platform in Freemium or Premium versions as you can use any of the versions. Micdiscontinuedntinued the permium version in 2017 but later released the premium features in Office 365.

  • Additional 50GB mailbox for all the Premium Users.
  • Ad-Free Home Page.
  • Malware Scanning for all Premium Users.
  • Automatic Scanning Capability and you can also use Offline Email Composition.
  • Also allows you to use Custom Domains on your Outlook.com Home Page.

So Outlook.com it interesting right? So Why to wait. Create your Outlook.com User Account and then access all the features of the Outlook.com.


Hotmail Alternatives : 10 Best Alternatives for Hotmail

Microsoft Outlook is one of the oldest email services available to all the user for free. If you are already a Hotmail user and looking for the best alternatives available then you can follow the complete article. Here this article gives you the best Hotmail Alternatives available and you can Sign Up for free. Microsoft Outlook has the best features when compared to all the alternatives but if you want to experience the new email services then follow me.

Top Best Hotmail Alternatives Available


Gmail is the best email service available to all users for free. Gmail is the webmail service and the best alternative to Hotmail. Gmail Application is available for Android, iOS, and also as the web application. Gmail supports Integrated Chat, IFTTT Integration, and Supports IMAP. You can send unlimited emails to all the Gmail Users for free.

2.eM Client

eM Client is the e-mail client is a complete email service application which helps you to access calendars, tasks, contacts and the task offered to you. You can also use the integrated chats offered for you to chat with the friends and then you can send the valuable information. eM client has Built-in themes and Built-in Translations and also provides Automatic Backup for the data you have.


You can say that Mailbird is an All-in-One communication platform which helps to send emails, contacts, apps, and you can also manage all the features available in it. Mailbird provides Asana Integration and also Sync contacts to your Mailbird account. Mailbird has an option to connect directly to the DropBox.

4. ZOHO Mail

ZOHO mail is one of the most popular webmail services which can be used for modern business and it mainly used to communicate with employees in the company. ZOHO mail is available for free and you can get the premium account if you want to use a separate domain name. ZOHO mail provides two-factor authentication and has integrated spam protection.

5. openmailbox

OpenMailBox provides a High-Quality service which can be used by all the users all over the world. OpenMailBox is available only as a web application which can be used on any of the devices. OpenMailBox uses encrypted emails and provides the Owncloud integration and encrypts the emails. OpenMailBox is totally an independent platform and you can send as many emails as possible.

6. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is the oldest email service available right now. At one time Yahoo Mail is the only email service and provides the best service. But due to the competition right now it cannot sustain and preferred as the alternative. Yahoo Mail is available for Windows, Android, iOS and also as a web application.

7. Mail.com

Mail.com is a free open source platform which helps you to send unlimited emails to all your mail.com friends. Mail.com provides a unique feature to customize your domain name and you can choose from the names available. Mail.com is free to use as you can create as many accounts possible for free.

8. GMX

GMX is a German-based email service which is a free webmail service available which means Global Mail Exchange. GMX is available only as a web application.

9. HushMail

Hushmail is used for a commercial purpose which is the best email service and alternative to Hotmail email. Hushmail uses OpenPGP encryption and provides two-step verification.

10. Thunderbird

Thunderbird provides advanced features for email service and also provides as add-ons you want. But it can be little difficult to access for new users. If you are looking for new email platform then you can choose Thunderbird as the best platform available.

So these are the top best Hotmail Alternatives available for all users for free. Choose the best alternative and then try to create an account in it and send as many emails you want.


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