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How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently| Delete Hotmail Account

There can be many reasons to delete your Hotmail Account as if you are using another Hotmail account to send emails or else if you use another platform email service to send emails. As you couldn’t able to manage multiple email accounts, you tend to delete one of the accounts which are not required. So if you wish to proceed to delete one of the Hotmail Account then follow the complete tutorial.

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Delete Hotmail Account

Here this article will explain you all about How to Delete or How to Close your Hotmail Account completely from the Hotmail Database. If you think that your Hotmail Account is no more useful then it is necessary to delete your account for the privacy issues or for security. Before you think about deleting your Hotmail Account, download all the necessary files, documents or any pictures you have from the Hotmail Account. As after you delete your Hotmail Account, you cannot retrieve the data you want so better to check before you delete your Hotmail Account.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently

Deleting the Hotmail Account is not as easy as creating the Hotmail Account because you need to give a specific reason to delete your Hotmail Account. You need to accept the terms and conditions and you need to verify your Hotmail Account by giving information which you have given while Signing In. So be careful while you follow the steps to delete your Hotmail Account.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow and implement on your web browser to delete your Hotmail Account Permanently.

  • First of all, you need to visit the Hotmail Official Login Page.
  • After you visit, you can see the homepage to enter Username and Password to access your Hotmail Account.
  • Enter valid Username and Password to access your Hotmail Personal Account and then click on Sign In.
  • If you forgot your password, then click on Forgot My Password label which is below Sign In. Verify your account and then reset your Hotmail Account Password.
  • Now you can see your Hotmail Personal Account. Download all the data which you want and then proceed to delete.
  • So to delete your Hotmail Account, Click on the Hotmail Profile and then select View Account label.
  • You will redirect to a new page where you can see Your Personal Info, Privacy Settings, Security Settings, Payments & Billings options, Services & Subscriptions options and much more.
  • So as we want to delete your Hotmail Account, Click on Security.

  • In Security, you can see options to Change Password, Update Info, Review Activities which you have done on Hotmail Account.
  • Now, click on more security options. Scroll down till you get Close my Hotmail Account option.
  • Click on Close My Account and then you can see that you need to cancel all the Subscriptions, All your Skype Credit will be used, It will use up your Hotmail Account Balance, It will setup Automatic replies, and it will also disable reset protection.

  • So if you want to proceed then you can click on Next and then proceed further.
  • Check all the boxes and then enter the reason to delete your Hotmail Account and then click on Mark Account for Closure. If you want to cancel the account the process then click on Cancel option.
  • After you click Cancel then your Hotmail Account will be same as before and then try to delete your account later.

Hotmail has given an option to get back your Hotmail Personal Account if you wish to use it again. So get back your Hotmail Account, just you need to Sign In as before with your Username and Password within 60 days. As the 60 days is the trial period to delete your Hotmail Personal Account. Your data will not be removed from the Hotmail Database in these 60 days after you put your account for Closure.


Updated: February 14, 2018 — 7:34 pm

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