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Steps to Create a New Outlook.com Email Account | Outlook Sign Up

Outlook.com is the email service from the Microsoft which is used to send emails to any of the Microsoft User. Earlier Outlook used to be called as Hotmail.com and all the login credentials of Hotmail are used to login Outlook.com. Microsoft has added many features to Hotmail.com and updated the latest version of Outlook.com and released for Windows Operating System. Your Outlook.com account is used to access Email, Calendar, Tasks, and all the Outlook contacts anywhere if you are connected to the internet.

Creating a New Outlook.com Email Account 

So if you are new to Outlook.com and looking to create an Outlook.com Email Account then you can follow the complete article and they know the step by step guide to Hotmail sign up Email Account. But before getting into the topic, let us now the additional features of the Outlook.com

Features of Outlook.com

Outlook.com serves many features as it helps you to send emails to any person who has an email account for free. You can use all the features for free on Outlook.com Email Platform.

  • You need to use your Outlook.com Login Credentials to access the Outlook.com Home Page.
  • As you login, you can see the Outlook.com homepage and then you can see the special inbox for your Outlook.com account. As all the emails you receive from other Outlook.com users are stored here.
  • You can swipe the email to Archive and Delete the Messages.
  • Outlook.com helps you to schedule the emails to send to specific Outlook.com user.
  • You can pin the emails to your Inbox and you can use all the text formats to personalize your email.
  • Outlook.com provides Calendar, Travel & Flight plans, OneDrive, and all the Microsoft Office.
  • You can also attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.
  • Helps you to edit all the Office files in your Outlook.com homepage itself.

So these are the best features you can see on the Outlook.com Email Platform.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a New Outlook.com Email Account

So if you are ready to create an Outlook.com Email Account then you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.

  • First, visit Outlook.com homepage or else type Outlook.com or Hotmail.com in the search engine. You will be redirected to the same home page.
  • Now as you are a new user, click on Create Account.
  • Enter the required fields like First Name, Last Name, and all the personal information to create your Outlook.com email account.
  • Here you need to prefer your Outlook.com username as XXXX@outlook.com.
  • You need to prefer among Outlook.com or Hotmail.com.
  • Enter the password for your Outlook.com account and re-enter the password.
  • Enter Birthday, Phone Number, and Alternate Email Address which are used to secure your Outlook.com account.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA image and then click Create Account.

Now visit Outlook.com Login Page and then enter the Username and Password to access the Outlook.com Home Page.

Outlook Mobile App

Outlook Mobile Application is available for Android and iOS platforms as you can download the application from the official play store. Outlook Mobile App has many features to use on your mobile device and also has to share your emails easily.

Outlook Mobile App helps you to open your attached files without downloading on your Mobile Device.

Outlook Premium Version

Outlook.com also offers the platform in Freemium or Premium versions as you can use any of the versions. Micdiscontinuedntinued the permium version in 2017 but later released the premium features in Office 365.

  • Additional 50GB mailbox for all the Premium Users.
  • Ad-Free Home Page.
  • Malware Scanning for all Premium Users.
  • Automatic Scanning Capability and you can also use Offline Email Composition.
  • Also allows you to use Custom Domains on your Outlook.com Home Page.

So Outlook.com it interesting right? So Why to wait. Create your Outlook.com User Account and then access all the features of the Outlook.com.


Updated: February 14, 2018 — 7:31 pm

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